Importance Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be defined as the use of modern digital technology to advertise products and services. Mostly, digital marketing takes place over the internet but it also involves the use of mobile phone and other digitally enabled devices. In the modern era, different age groups spend a considerable amount of time browsing different digital platforms and therefore business have to use these channels in order to get the attention of different groups. Digital marketing can be country specific such as chinese digital marketing or it can be general.

Relevance ad importance of digital marketing

Digital marketing allows business to not only reach more people, it also allows them to target the most relevant consumer category for their products. This has led to an increase in the ROI on marketing and advertising budgets. In addition, it is a great channel to reach people across the globe drastically increasing your market potential. Through these digital platforms, you also get a chance to see what your competitors are up to and therefore acquire information that enhances decision making and differentiation in the market place.

One of the greatest uses of digital marketing platforms is to analyse consumer trends. This is essential as it helps the business to deliver products and services that are in line with the clients' current needs. Customising products and services to clients is a great way to build a relationship with clients. Digital platforms also give a chance to get instant feedback from clients on different services, products, customer service and so on ensuring that the business can gauge the relevance of their products and services at all time.

Different types of Digital Marketing

Social media

In the last few years, social media has become a powerful marketing tool for all businesses irrespective of their industry, target group, their size, location and other demographics. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest are among the most popular sites. As a business person, it is paramount to be actively involved in these sites. Remember that you don't have to use all social media platforms, you only need to identify the most popular among your clients and then invest in understanding how to use them to increase your market share. Social media has both non-paid and paid options for business advertising which require mastery. Combining both will drastically increase the level of client engagement and therefore generate more leads and sales.

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Search Engine Adverts

Search engines such as Google form the other category of digital marketing platforms. In most cases, business pay for their adverts to appear on different search engines. These payments may be time based; the length of time the advert appears on the site, click based; the number of clicks generated from the specific search engine and payments per page or number of characters. Search engine marketing may also include search engine optimisation where the website or blog is optimised to appear among the top search results in a search engine.

Use of email marketing

Here, business send personalised or mass emails to their clients through emailing software. In order to increase the effectiveness of email marketing, businesses should use interesting titles, images and ensure that the message body is short and precise. The emails should also be sent to the most relevant people in order to enhance the relationship. The time the emails are sent, the frequency of emailing, the type of clients and their levels in the organisation, the language used all play a role in the success of email marketing and should therefore be mastered.

Mobile marketing

This is the use of mobile devices to market different products. The adverts can be sent as short messages, or in some cases, the business may use applications. Mobile marketing is more effective since human beings are becoming more and more addicted to their mobile phones and devices. Business should therefore create blogs, websites and emails that are mobile friendly as the likelihood of the client accessing the messages through mobile phones are very high.