Is It Advisable to Take HCG Injections When Pregnant?

When pregnant there are many changes that occur in the body of a woman. Some hormones are produced with the two most important in early pregnancy being Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone and progesterone. In this excerpt we will concentrate on the prior. HCG is normally produced by the placenta and is usually among the first signs of pregnancy. It is what home pregnancy kits detect when used. Normally the HCG levels rise steadily from fertilization to 14 weeks of pregnancy when the placenta takes over the nutritional requirements of the fetus. As a matter of fact the high HCG levels are responsible for morning sickness experienced by most pregnant women. Described above is what happens in normal pregnancies.

In women who tend to have miscarriages often, the levels of HCG and progesterone produced are low and not enough to sustain the pregnancy and hence the woman loses the pregnancy before the baby can come to term. It is common practice to use progesterone to treat cases of frequent miscarriages but now many are considering using HCG injections. Though the latter is yet to be confirmed as safe with very few clinical trials done, some obstetricians and gynecologists believe that it can actually help. And it actually has.

HCG is given as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed and is given till the pregnancy is 14 weeks old. This aids the pregnancy to develop to term and the woman can give birth normally. According to some recent researches, it has been shown that indeed HCG can help women with frequent miscarriages carry a pregnancy to term. This is so because HCG injections contain the same endogenous HCG produced by the body. However, the clinical trials that have been done are not enough to confirm the safety of this use.

So, is it advisable to take HCG injections when pregnant? This depends on what your gynecologist has to say. Talk to them and determine if this is the best treatment to use. The complications that may arise from its use are not known but it is unlikely that it will affect you in a negative manner. After all, this will be given with an attempt to make the HCG levels in your blood to be the same as those of a normal pregnant woman. You can expect some of the signs of morning sickness as side effects. These include nausea, vomiting, light-headedness and fatigue.

The truth is that HCG online injections are not recommended for treating unexplained miscarriages. Some women however have tried it before and it has given positive results. If you have been battling with unexplained miscarriages then you should try this type of treatment. However, be sure to talk to a professional and seek their advice. If you are pregnant and do not have an history of frequent miscarriages it is advisable not to take HCG injections be it for weight loss or any other use. They will cause you to have excess HCG which could lead to serious effects to you and the baby.