How to Stop Animals From Getting Into The Garden

So you have this idea about eating organic and eating fresh then you think to yourself “hmmm..

The Idea

What can I do to consistently eat healthy?” The light bulb switches on in your head.  “I should grow my own vegetables!”  You do research about what are the best vegetables to grow for the climate you live in.  You go all in and buy all the things you need to grow these vegetables.  Almost approaching 4 months in and all seems fine.  You’ve got carrots, tomatoes, radishes, green beans, peppers and more growing.  One day your wife/husband decides to have the in-laws over and so you say “great.”

Picking time.. Think again!

Now its harvesting time and when you look around it seems that something has tampered with the vegetables!  An uneasy feeling is going on inside.  As you look closely you can clearly see that there has been something chewing threw the carrots and tomatoes not just 1 but all of them.  You start to wonder what in the heck is going on?? Now you realize that you have to run into town to get what was ruined by your uninvited and rude guests.  Thinking to yourself about what youre going to do to stop from this ever happening.  The ultimate way to defeat these culprits is to have a vegetable garden fence.

What to do

Many vegetable garden owners go through this very issue at least once in their lifetime of having their garden.  The fence is usually built with wooden stakes and crossed wire which is what helps cold hearted, pesky animals away from your crops.


Vegetable garden owners sometimes will first take it upon themselves to try and construct and erect such a fence on their own and having to go throw the trial and error of wasted time and effort meanwhile the best choice is to hire a reputable Ocala fences company that will do the job and do it right the fist time.  Contracting professionals will save you the time and money along with the heartache.  Maintenance of this type of fence  is extremely low however you must always keep an eye out to make sure that there is nothing tampering going on from outside the perimeter of your vegetable garden.  There’s nothing wrong with eating organic just making the right choices in the beginning.